Terms & Conditions

Electric Runner Car Rental Sole Proprietorship LLC

282, Al Maha St, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi 23023

(Hereinafter referred to as “Electric Runner”)

  1. Booking request
    1. The customer sends a non-binding booking request to Electric Runner. Electric Runner will contact the customer and advise whether the desired vehicle is available for the desired period. The booking process will then continue.
  2. Authorized Drivers, Documents Required At Vehicle Collection
    1. When the Vehicle is handed over, the customer must prove that he is at least 23 years old and has a valid UAE driving license for at least 1 year. In the case of the following Vehicles/motorizations, the customer must prove that he is at least 25 years old and has had a valid UAE driving license for at least 5 years: Tesla Model 3 and Y “Performance”.
    2. As proof, the customer must present a valid Emirates-ID and a valid UAE driver’s license. The customer also assures that there is no driving ban.
    3. If the vehicle is rented by a company, the following documents/information must be provided: copy of a valid license (expiry date not longer then required rental period) / complete billing address / Emirates ID and UEA driving license of the responsible person.
    4. The electric vehicle shall only be driven by the mentioned persons in the Rental Agreement. When the vehicle is handed over, the original driving license and Emirates ID of each additional driver must be presented. The customer confirms that he is responsible for the actions of each additional driver. He will also inform each additional driver about the content of this Rental Agreement, general Terms and Conditions and Data Protection agreement of Electric Runner. The customer shall inform Electric Runner immediate if there are any changes with the additional drivers. Each additional driver will be charged AED 60.
    5. Corporate customers shall independently check whether the above conditions match to each driver.

  1. Mileage Usage Policy, Operating Costs, Tolls and Traffic Fines
    1. An included mileage for each vehicle has been agreed for the period of this Rental Agreement. If the customer consumes more mileage, then agreed each additional kilometer will be charged 4 AED.
    2. Electric Runner is not liable to refund any included mileage which has not been consumed.
    3. The customer shall pay all costs for energy and electricity, if applicable, as well as costs for other auxiliary and operating materials that arise during the rental period. If the vehicle is no longer roadworthy due to a low battery level the customer is fully responsible for this situation. Any resulting costs will be borne by the customer.
    4. Tolls, fines for traffic violations and other fines are also paid by the customer. Electric Runner will charge:
      • All Emirates Toll gates AED 5 per crossing.
      • Service fee of 10% on top of each traffic violation.

  1. Payment Policy
    1. Once the deposit and rent (in case of recurring rental periods the rent for the first period) is credited on the bank account of Electric Runner we can proceed with the handover:

Bank Name: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

Account Name: Electric Runner Car Rental

Account Number: 12840287820001

IBAN: AE520030012840287820001

    1. The rent shall be paid by the customer in advance. In case of recurring rental periods, the rent should be credited on the bank account of Electric Runner on the first of each month.
    2. Once the customer has signed the agreement, a refund is not applicable.
    3. All payment shall be conducted on time. This includes the rent and other costs arising from this Rental Agreement. Electric Runner will reduce the speed of the car for any delayed payment without any further notice. Electric Runner will charge a fee of AED 300 to restore this reduction.
    4. If the customer has no show or response for more than 5 days, Electric Runner has the right to take the necessary legal action.

  1. Deposit
    1. The Rental Agreement clearly stipulates the amount of the deposit required for the rental arrangement.
    2. Electric Runner retains the right to offset any claims arising from the customer against the deposit repayment claim. This means that in the event of any disputes or outstanding payments, Electric Runner can withhold an appropriate amount from the deposit to settle such claims.
    3. Electric Runner reserves the right to offset any damage caused to the vehicle or additional kilometers driven by the customer against the deposit. It is important to note that the deposit does not act as a liability limit for any additional charges incurred, such as self-inflicted damage to the vehicle or additional mileage.
    4. In the absence of any outstanding charges or damages, the deposit will be returned in full, in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement. Please note that this process may take up to 30 days from the date we receive the car.

  1. Extension of the Rental Period, Exchange of the Vehicle
    1. In the event of a desire to extend the rental period, the customer shall provide prior notice to the company no later than two weeks before the expiration of the Rental Agreement. Electric Runner is not obliged to comply with such a request. If Electric Runner agrees to such a request, a new Rental Agreement will be made and the amount of the rent can be adjusted.
    2. The rented Vehicle may require replacement in the event of scheduled maintenance, sale, exchange, an accident etc. In such a situation, the customer must return the vehicle as requested by Electric Runner. Electric Runner does not assure the return of the same vehicle to the customer. If Electric Runner is unable to adhere to service intervals due to a late return, it may lead to financial obligations and damage to the vehicle. Any associated costs will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

  1. Handover of the Vehicle
    1. The Vehicle is handed over and returned at the location of Electric Runner: Autohub Unit 1, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.
    2. The procedure for handing a vehicle to or return it from third parties is as follows: The customer must issue a power of attorney containing the full name and Emirates ID of the third person. The original Emirates ID of the third person must be presented.
    3. At the time of the handover or return of a vehicle, Electric Runner will create a handover protocol. This will include all accessories, current mileage, general condition, other data and will be signed by both parties.
    4. By accepting the vehicle, the customer acknowledges that the rental vehicle is in the same condition as stated in the handover protocol and agrees to assume full responsibility for any additional damage to or loss of the vehicle, regardless of how it may happen. The customer remains entirely accountable for the vehicle until it is returned and officially inspected by an authorized Electric Runner representative, as documented in writing.
    5. The customer agrees to return the vehicle along with all the required documents and accessories mentioned in the handover protocol in the same condition it was received at the specified location, on the date and at the time indicated in the agreement.
    6. If the customer returns the vehicle outside the location’s regular operating hours, he is entirely responsible for the vehicle until the location reopens for business and Electric Runner checks in the vehicle.
    7. In the event of any loss or damage of these accessories the customer will be charged as followed:
      • USB-Drive AED 250
      • Floor Mats: AED 450 / Trunk Mat: AED 180
      • Cargo Cover: AED 550
      • Plate Number: AED 55 each / additional service charge of AED 250
      • Vehicle Registration Card: AED 350
      • Tesla Key Card: AED 150 each / additional service charge of AED 250
      • Mobile Connector: AED 1000 / Charging Cable Type 2: AED 1500
    8. At handover, our vehicles will have at least an 80% state of charge. This ensures that our customers have enough battery charge to complete their intended journey and provides a buffer in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
    9. We require that the Customer returns the Vehicle with at least an 80% state of charge. Otherwise we will charge a service fee of AED 200.
    10. Upon return, the vehicle (exterior and interior) must be in perfect condition and free from excessive dirt. In such event a fee of AED 150 will be charged.
    11. In case of a late return of the vehicle an additional fee will be charged based on the rate per month mentioned in §6.
    12. If the customer fails to return the vehicle on the scheduled check-in date, does not settle the dues on the agreed date, or uses the vehicle in a manner that violates the terms of the rental agreement, Electric Runner retains the right to:
      • Report the vehicle as stolen to the Police.
      • Repossess and recover the Vehicle without prior notice to the customer.
      • File a police case against the customer for non-payment of outstanding dues.
      • Charge the customer a late fee of 2% on the unpaid installments along with all additional costs, including recovery fees, damages etc. until the full settlement is made.
    13. Electric Runner is not responsible for any loss or damage to property left in the vehicle, whether during the rental period or afterward, and this applies to the customer, passengers, or third parties. The safety of such property is entirely the customer’s responsibility throughout the duration of the agreement.

  1. Usage of the Vehicle
    1. The use of the track mode and the drift mode is not permitted, and a penalty fee of AED 2000 will be charged.
    2. The customer is not allowed to technical or visually change the Vehicle.
    3. It is not permitted to use the vehicle outside the UAE. There will be no insurance coverage.
    4. The customer undertakes to protect the vehicle from overuse in any way.
    5. Subletting is not permitted.
    6. The vehicle may only be used on public roads and may not be used for the following purposes. Electric Runner is not responsible for any violated individual behavior occurs by the customer:
    • Airside liability/Aviation liability.
    • War & Terrorism.
    • Vehicles with the following usage/carrying:
      • High explosives, such as nitro-glycerin, dynamite or any similar
      • Fuel and diesel tankers, liquified petroleum or gasoline
      • Gases in liquid, compressed or gaseous form
      • Chemicals of any nature
      • Racing, dune bashing/desert safari
      • Special construction (ambulance, emergency services, disaster management services, Vehicle, firefighting trucks, police Vehicles, military Vehicles), CPM equipment
    • Food trucks preparing and/or cooking food.
    • Vehicle servicing and dealers.
    • Passenger transport used for Uber, Careem or other clients.
    • Transport used for taxi and car sharing.
    • Driving schools or safety training.
    • Renting the vehicle to third parties without the permission of Electric Runner.
    1. The customer also assures that he will not drive under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Local laws apply.
    2. There is no insurance cover if the customer violates the events mentioned above.
    3. No clothing that rubs off or has sharp-edged elements may be worn inside the vehicle.
    4. It is not permitted to add or remove advertising elements located on the vehicle. Failure to comply will result in a penalty fee of AED 500.
    5. Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.
    6. The interior is not covered by the insurance and any internal scratch or damage occurred by the customer will be charged based on the damage level.
    7. As a result of using the vehicle, various data/information can be stored: Navigation data, device names of mobile phones when connected to the vehicle, access data for the streaming services provided by Tesla, Inc., video recordings from the cameras installed in the vehicle. The customer is responsible for deleting this data. Reference is made to the separate data protection agreement.

  1. Customers Obligations
    1. The customer confirms that he will use the vehicle carefully, conscientiously and under the rules of local laws.
    2. If the vehicle is rented for a period of more than 7 days, the customer is required to check the tire pressure regularly and, if necessary, to take the necessary measures in compliance with the data listed in the operating instruction.
    3. The customer must inform Electric Runner immediately if there are any changes mentioned above in this Rental Agreement.

  1. Accidents, Repairs, Theft Polices
    1. If the customer discovers a malfunction at the vehicle that limits its usability and requires repairs, Electric Runner must be notified immediately. It is not permitted to repair the vehicle without the permission of Electric Runner or in an unauthorized workshop without the consent of Electric Runner.
    2. If the customer is involved in a traffic accident, personal injuries or damage caused by a third party, wildlife, fire or similar event while using the vehicle, he must immediately ensure that this event is reported by the police (police report). Otherwise, he will be liable for any caused damages or loss and the provided insurance shall be void and null. The customer also needs to inform Electric Runner within 24 hours of such an event and provide a copy of the police report.
    3. If the police report or repair letter does not specify the third party responsible for the accident, the customer will be responsible for covering all expenses and costs incurred by Electric Runner, or the excess liability amount as per the chosen and agreed-upon insurance type, if applicable. The insurance will not cover any scratches, damages to windows, tires or windows without an accident.
    4. If the vehicle is damaged by third parties or is stolen, the customer must immediately notify or call the local Police and inform Electric Runner immediately.
    5. If the vehicle is damaged by an unknown person, the customer must inform Electric Runner and provide a Police report.
    6. The customer is obliged to notify Electric Runner immediately of any event that could lead to a claim under the Environmental Damage Act.

  1. Liability
    1. The statutory liability rules apply. The customer is not liable if Electric Runner obtains compensation for the damage caused to the other parties involved in the accident, other third parties involved in the accident or from the existing comprehensive insurance or otherwise.
    2. The customer is liable for all damage to the vehicle that is due to operating errors, overuse or violation of obligations during the period of the Rental Agreement.
    3. The customer is equally liable for damage culpably caused by him or other drivers named in the Rental Agreement, his relatives, workers, employees, co-drivers or other third parties who have come into contact with the vehicle through or through the customer, further as he culpably fails to make the necessary conclusive statements about the person and the necessary action for the enforcement of any claims for damages by Electric Runner.
    4. The customer is also liable if the damage is discovered after the rental item has been returned. In this case Electric Runner must prove that the rental object has not been used in the meantime.
    5. Compliance with the existing regulations and laws, particularly the road traffic regulations, during the use of the rental object is solely the responsibility of the customer.
    6. The customer confirms to cooperate and clarify any violations against local laws.
    7. If damage is found when the vehicle is returned that is not listed in this contract or in the handover protocol, it is assumed that the customer is responsible for the damage, unless he can prove that the damage was already caused when the vehicle was handed over to him.

  1. Insurance
    1. For the rented vehicle the insurance cover extends to liability insurance with a maximum sum insured of 2,000,000 AED. Please note the separate information under “7. Usage of the Vehicle”.
    2. In the event of a case of insurance the customer or driver undertakes to ensure that the damage is averted and reduced as far as possible. In doing so he needs to the extent reasonable, follow instructions from Electric Runner and obtain instructions.
    3. In the event of liability damage the customer or driver is not entitled to fully or partially recognize or satisfy third-party claims without the prior consent of Electric Runner.
    4. Electric Runner is entitled to fulfil or ward off claims for damages asserted against the lessee or driver and to make all declarations that appear appropriate within the framework of dutiful discretion. The same applies to defending against claims under public law, in particular decisions on fire brigade costs, as well as to submitting the necessary declarations under public law that are required to settle the case of damage.
    5. If a claim is asserted against the customer out of court, he must notify Electric Runner immediately.
    6. If a claim is asserted against the customer in court, he must report this to Electric Runner immediately. The customer must allow Electric Runner to conduct the litigation. Electric Runner is entitled to hire a lawyer for this purpose, whom the customer must authorize and provide all necessary information and requested documents. This also applies to administrative proceedings in connection with a claim under the Environmental Damage Act.

  1. Termination
    1. Once the customer has signed the contract, he is not permitted to terminate it based on desire or changes in decision. If the customer desires to terminate the contract, he will be committed to pay the full amount for the remaining rental period.
    2. Electric Runner is permitted to terminate the rental contract extraordinarily without notice for good cause if the customer violates against these General Terms and Conditions. The following provisions apply:
      • The customer agrees that in such an event he is obliged to return the vehicle to the location of Electric Runner within one business day.
      • If the customer cannot comply with this, each additional day will be charged based on the rate per month mentioned in §6.
      • If the vehicle still has not been returned to the location of Electric Runner within the third working day, Electric Runner is entitled to commission a transport company and pick up the vehicle at the expense of the lessee.
      • The customer agrees that the rent he already paid will not be reimbursed.
    3. If there are several Rental Agreements between Electric Runner and the customer and one of these Rental Agreements is terminated by Electric Runner without notice, the other Rental Agreements can also be terminated without further notice.
    4. If a rental contract is terminated by Electric Runner in accordance with the statutory provisions or without notice, the lessee must return the vehicle to the Electric Runner location together with the equipment specified in the handover protocol.

  1. Usage of the Tesla, Inc. App
    1. For the duration of the Rental Agreement, the customer will have access to the vehicle via the Tesla, Inc app (hereinafter referred to as “Tesla App). Electric Runner thus provides the customer with the full range of functions and user experience of the vehicle.
    2. Access to the Tesla App will only be given through the customer’s e-mail address or additional driver’s e-mail address mentioned in the rental contract.
    3. Electric Runner is not liable for the content of the Tesla App and expressly notes to the customer, that all regulations and agreements for the use of the Tesla App are made between him and Tesla, Inc.
    4. The customer has access to the location, mileage and other data of the vehicle at any time via the Tesla app. Additional drivers needs to be informed about that situation.
    5. The customer agrees that Electric Runner is also permitted to have access to the location, mileage and other data of the vehicle at any time through the Tesla App. It is not allowed at any time to remove the mobile access to the vehicle. Further information can be found in the data protection agreement.

  1. Usage of Dash Cam and Sentry Mode
    1. While using the vehicle, the exterior cameras can store video recordings of the vehicle surroundings on a USB flash drive. Features that support these video recordings are, depending on the Vehicle settings:
      • The dashcam (consisting of front, side and rear cameras).
      • The sentry mode (consisting of front, side and rear cameras).
    2. Electric Runner expressly notes to the customer that for the duration of the Rental Agreement he must observe and comply with all local regulations/laws, property restrictions, in particular data protection and criminal law provisions/regulations/laws regarding the use of the cameras installed in the vehicle. It is quite possible that the customer could face fines if the dashcam and/or sentry mode is used. Electric Runner can therefore EXPRESSLY NOT RECOMMEND the use of dashcam and/or sentry mode by the customer.
    3. The customer releases Electric Runner from all fines and warnings, fees or other costs that authorities levy against Electric Runner on the basis of the above-mentioned violations of data protection law when using the “Dashcam” and/or “Sentry Mode” functions and is liable unlimited for all violations. Electric Runner will inform the responsible authorities or other third parties about the customer registered for the duration of the Rental Agreement and forward the corresponding fine notices or other letters to them. The customer undertakes to cooperate and clarify the above-mentioned facts accordingly.
    4. By using the Dash Cam and Sentry Mode the battery level of the vehicle may reduce quicker.

  1. Language
    1. This Rental Agreement has been drafted in English language. In the event of any Arabic translation is required and there are conflicts between the Arabic text and the English text in the interpretation of the Rental Agreement, the English text shall prevail.

  1. Jurisdiction
    1. This Rental Agreement shall be governed by and costured in accordance the applicable law in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Change to the Terms and Conditions
    1. Electric Runner may change, replace, supplement, or delete any of these Terms and Conditions, from time to time. If there are any changes to our Terms and Conditions Electric Runner will give you a notice via e-mail at the customer / authorized person mentioned above.
    2. The retention of any rented item mentioned in § 1 after the effective date of these changes shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such changes without reservation.